The Cadi, Inc. offering is now closed and is no longer accepting investments.

Cadi, Inc.

Combining autonomous retail and ecommerce to revolutionize golf

Cadi, Inc.

Combining autonomous retail and ecommerce to revolutionize golf

Nashville, TN
Cadi is on a mission to change the way people shop for golf products. We are a retail automation company, building technology that connects golfers with products they love, and the fast, curated experience they deserve.


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previously crowdfunded
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This offering ended on May 01, 2022 and is no longer accepting investments.

Reasons to Invest

  • Our retail technology platform has proven market fit and will lead the transition to autonomous retail in the $126B sporting goods market.
  • Community focused marketplace offering a one-of-a-kind product fitting by data. Cadi’s community have access to try before you buy on all products and the largest cash back rewards membership model in golf.
  • With approximately $1.5M+ in pilot testing sales, Cadi has signed letters of intent from 63 golf courses unlocking significant revenue and access to over 250,000 golfers.
  • Cadi’s management teams are leading experts in autonomous retail leading to strong partnerships with the biggest brands in golf.
  • Cadi’s autonomous technology combines patent-pending proprietary technology in kiosks, warehousing, and data club fitting that leads to a one-of-a-kind retail experience for users.
  • Cadi has already raised approximately $1.5M from over 1650 investors. Cadi has investments from people from all 50 states. 


Leading the autonomous future of golf retail

Cadi is transforming the traditional golf industry with an autonomous solution built for golfers. You can now demo clubs right on the course whenever you want. When you find the perfect club, it can be purchased instantly through our self-service kiosk and e-commerce platform. There are no salespeople and no hassles, just golfers with freedom to play the newest equipment. Our team and technology are paving the way for a new hybrid omnichannel that changes how golf products are sold and distributed for years to come.

Currently, Cadi's Application, eCommerce platform, and physical Cadi Kiosk are in development phases.

Cadi makes it extremely simple to purchase when you are ready. Whether online or in-person, Cadi leverages golf courses to create micro fulfillment centers that fulfill on-demand orders and expedite shipping for online orders. It is instant gratification like the golf industry has never had before. 

*Image of Cadi Kiosk, which is not currently on the market.


Evolving retail changes the way people shop and leaves golfers behind

Today, the only two options to purchase products are visiting a traditional retail store or buying online. Now we are seeing the world change as the COVID-19 pandemic accelerates the shift to more online shopping than ever before. This shift significantly threatens sporting goods because many products, such as golf clubs, we believe are not best sold online.

Golfers need to feel and demo products they wish to buy online. Unfortunately, the majority of golf courses do not effectively sell golf products. The current retail experience only offers unrealistic indoor trials or infrequent demo days. It is no surprise that 90% of golfers prefer to demo products on a golf course or driving range before buying equipment. The result is two-thirds of customers are unhappy with their purchase within 14 days with no option for money back.


An innovative, retail automation platform that merges physical kiosks and online shopping

*Image of Cadi Kiosk, which is not currently on the market.

Cadi’s platform is the combination of an autonomous, patent-pending kiosk and an integrated online marketplace. We combine the best of online shopping with the benefits of traditional retail stores. Currently, Cadi's Application and eCommerce platform are in development phases. The physical Cadi Kiosk is available on the market. 

Our technology leverages a golfer’s most desired location, golf courses, to create a network of kiosks. Our kiosks give golfers the freedom to demo, compare, and purchase products at their convenience. Cadi uses Big Data and Artificial Intelligence to curate product selection and create a personalized experience for each customer.

*Image of Cadi Application, which is not currently on the market.

Cadi’s online marketplace gives golfers 24/7 access to our platform. A fully connected omnichannel means golfers can interact using any device from any location.


Cadi Technology stack enables game-changing customer experiences.

*Image of Cadi Application, which is not currently on the market.

Cadi's digital community is at the root of Cadi's success. Cadi's marketplace has three key features. First, every user has a custom experience using Cadi's data analytics. Cadi's database connects golfer attributes to curated product attributes. Second, Cadi offers a try before you buy program on all products. Finally, Cadi's industry-first cashback membership program incentives purchases and other essential data collecting actions. CadiCash can be used on traditional products and limited edition products, services, and one-of-a-kind experiences.


Growing customer base and partnerships in prime locations

To date, Cadi has sold products to over 7,500 customers. We have surpassed $1.12M in gross sales over the past 24 months. Cadi’s next round of funds will be used to launch Cadi’s marketplace and kiosk onto the golf course.

We have 63 courses signed up to deploy our technology. This equates to significant potential recurring revenue and access to 250,000+ golfers annually. We secured strategic partnerships with leading golf course operators and equipment manufacturers. We are granted exclusive access to locations, customers, and inventory supply. Cadi is currently in conversations with more potential partners and venues we hope to announce soon.


Cadi’s innovative technology brings convenience from the screen to the green

We recognized that the golf industry is heavily concentrated with little innovation for the past 20 years. Top retailers are either traditional brick and mortar or exclusively e-commerce. No clear leader in the market is seamlessly integrating physical and virtual shopping. This is a large and fast-growing opportunity. Cadi has significant advantages with patent-pending technology and a first-to-market strategy.

Our target kiosk locations are high-traffic public courses in areas with low seasonality and a high density of courses. 80% of all golf courses in the U.S. are public golf facilities, the industry’s “forgotten retail channel” where we aim to expand. We are also pursuing opportunities at entertainment venues, driving ranges, and new-age shopping malls. With the popularity of venues such as TopGolf, golf is seeing record rounds of play and increasing participation at all levels.

Business model

Golf’s first membership offering cashback, product curation, and try before you buy.

We offer two primary revenue sources: membership subscriptions and product sales. Cadi will offer a subscription plan, popularized by Amazon Prime, that unlocks benefits and services only available to Cadi members. Our benefits and long-term value to golfers come from leveraging our kiosk locations and unique relationships with courses and suppliers.

*Images of Cadi Kiosk, which is not currently on the market.


Cadi is focused on becoming the market leader in golf and recreational sports

*Images of Cadi Kiosk, which is not currently on the market.

We believe Cadi is positioned to be a global leader in sporting goods and capitalize on the accelerated shift to automation in retail. Our goal is that by 2025, Cadi will have over 1,000 installed locations with full connectivity to our online marketplace. Our hope is that Cadi’s membership will thrive with a strong community of over 1 million members. We believe that once Cadi has been installed on a golf course it will be difficult for any competition to replace our platform.

Implementing Cadi technology to other industries

In the future, Cadi will expand our product offering to other comparable sporting goods industries such as tennis, baseball, hockey, skiing, and biking. Cadi’s technology platform is gearing up to serve and thrive in the $126 billion recreational sports industry.

Why Invest

Invest in the future of golf and autonomous retail

We invite you to join us on our mission to revolutionize the golf retail landscape as we know it today. The Cadi team is prepared to take this business to the next stage, expanding our technology and positively impacting recreational sports.

We hope you will ride along with us as we introduce our platform to the world and reshape the way golf products are purchased and sold forever.

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In the Press


With Amazon Approach, Cadi Aims To Drive More Club Sales (And Revenue) To Golf Courses

Yahoo Finance

Cadi Has Crowdfunded Over $1.3 Million to Develop the first Autonomous Golf Retail Platform

Sports Daily

How this Founder is Saving Traditional Golf Retail, Sporting Goods Retail, and Making it Easier to Play the Game of Golf

Kiosk Marketplace

Autonomous golf course Cadi raises $1.3M

Retail Tech Innovation Hub

Startup interview: Tyler Gottstein, CEO and Co-founder, Cadi

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Cadi, Inc.

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2032 Convent Place, Nashville, TN 37212

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Investment Incentives*

Early Bird

Cadi Community, Investors, and VIPs - First 15 days | 25% bonus shares

Super Early Bird - Next 21 days | 10% bonus shares

Early Bird Bonus - Next 21 days | 5% bonus shares


Tier 1 perk ($500+) - Join the team: Receive a $25 Gift card to Cadi's Merch Store. Welcome to Cadi.  

Tier 2 perk ($1,000+) - Cadi Champions Member: $50 gift card in Cadi's merch plus a one-year subscription to Cadi Premium membership (valued at an estimated $240).

Tier 3 perk ($6,000+) - FREE 2022 Driver from any top Brand available on the Cadi marketplace. The perk will be redeemed on Cadi new Marketplace. Includes a Cadi premium membership and all perks associated with that membership level. Driver credit will be applied at the close of the current campaign for the Cadi Marketplace. 

Tier 4 perk ($12,500+) - 5% bonus shares + FULL ACCESS Golf Weekend in San Diego with the Cadi Founders. Cadi will host you and a partner to Carlsbad, CA to Cadi’s Headquarters. Meet the Cadi team, firsthand experience Cadi’s prototype kiosk, warehousing technology, and other projects the team is working on. Stay in San Diego and play the best championship courses in San Diego. Enjoy quality time with the Cadi team and other members of the Cadi community. PERK includes a one-night stay near Cadi headquarters and a $250 Southwest gift Card towards airfare.  

Perk 5: Golf with PGA Golfer Paul Casey plus 20% BONUS SHARES. Invest $25,000 or more and you will be invited to join Matt and Tyler in Scottsdale, AZ for a lesson and round of golf with PGA Professional Paul Casey. Included in the cost is $500 airfare credit, a one-night hotel stay, and round of golf. This event is scheduled to occur before 12/31/22. You will have the option to choose between perk 4 and perk 5 if you choose. This also includes everything listed in PERK 2. 

Perk 6 -- EVEN MORE BONUS SHARES. Increased Bonus Shares. Invest $50,000 or more and receive 30% bonus shares. This is not common for companies to offer this big of an incentive. Additionally, you will be invited to choose between Cadi PERK 3 or PERK 4. This also includes everything listed in PERK 2. 

*All perks occur when the offering is completed.

The 10% StartEngine Owners' Bonus

Cadi, Inc. will offer 10% additional bonus shares for all investments that are committed by investors that are eligible for the StartEngine Crowdfunding Inc. OWNer's bonus.

This means eligible StartEngine shareholders will receive a 10% bonus for any shares they purchase in this offering. For example, if you buy 100 shares of Class B Common Stock at $1.40 / share, you will receive 110 shares of Class B Common Stock, meaning you'll own 110 shares for $140. Fractional shares will not be distributed and share bonuses will be determined by rounding down to the nearest whole share.

This 10% Bonus is only valid during the investor's eligibility period. Investors eligible for this bonus will also have priority if they are on a waitlist to invest and the company surpasses its maximum funding goal. They will have the first opportunity to invest should room in the offering become available if prior investments are canceled or fail.

Investors will only receive a single bonus, which will be the highest bonus rate they are eligible for.

Insider Investment Notice

Officers, directors, executives, and existing owners with a controlling stake in the company (or their immediate family members) may make investments in this offering. Any such investments will be included in the raised amount reflected on the campaign page.

Irregular Use of Proceeds

Example - The Company might incur Irregular Use of Proceeds that may include but are not limited to the following over $10,000: Vendor payments and salary made to one's self, a friend or relative; Any expense labeled "Administration Expenses" that is not strictly for administrative purposes; Any expense labeled "Travel and Entertainment"; Any expense that is for the purposes of inter-company debt or back payments.

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Prior fiscal year-end:
Total Assets
$773,691.00 USD
$328,997.00 USD
Cash And Cash Equivalents
$389,307.00 USD
$128,914.00 USD
Accounts Receivable
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Short Term Debt
$143,965.00 USD
$145,520.00 USD
Long Term Debt
$14,512.00 USD
$17,016.00 USD
Revenues And Sales
$438,345.00 USD
$726,891.00 USD
Costs Of Goods Sold
$408,422.00 USD
$472,060.00 USD
Taxes Paid
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Net Income
-$733,151.00 USD
$6,244.00 USD


A crowdfunding investment involves risk. You should not invest any funds in this offering unless you can afford to lose your entire investment. In making an investment decision, investors must rely on their own examination of the issuer and the terms of the offering, including the merits and risks involved. These securities have not been recommended or approved by any federal or state securities commission or regulatory authority. Furthermore, these authorities have not passed upon the accuracy or adequacy of this document. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission does not pass upon the merits of any securities offered or the terms of the offering, nor does it pass upon the accuracy or completeness of any offering document or literature. These securities are offered under an exemption from registration; however, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has not made an independent determination that these securities are exempt from registration.


~~~Today is the last day to invest in Cadi! 2022 recap included~~~

22 days ago

Today is the last day to invest in Cadi! You have until 11:59 pm PST tonight to invest. Do not miss out! 

It has been a great 12-month ride raising on Startengine. We have had over 2000 investors and about $2m raised!  We thank you for your support and belief in Cadi. This is not an endpoint, we are just getting started. 

Over the last 4 months, we have made significant progress. 

From filming with Brand Ambassador Paul Casey...

Nearing our launch of the first TRY BEFORE YOU BUY golf marketplace.....

And building the infrastructure for Cadi's SMART distribution combining Cadi Kiosk and smart warehousing... 

It has been a great 2022 and we are only getting started. It will be a big year for Cadi. 

Invest now and join the journey. Again, You have until 11:59 pm PST so do not miss out.  

Thank you, 

Tyler Gottstein

Campaign closing! Invest in Cadi, redefining golf course revenue models and transforming the purchase experience.

23 days ago

Cadi has been recognized in the media from Forbes and Yahoo Finance, MarketWatch, KingsCrowd, and more. Before launching our first crowdfunding campaign, we kept Cadi away from the spotlight. However, with Cadi's tech advancements and the massive changes in retail due to Covid and consumer behavior, it was the right time to introduce Cadi. It has been proven correct. Cadi's mission has been validified, and the trajectory of our business is going up. Cadi is the game-changing company that the golf industry needs. With a focus on product, customers, and autonomous retail, Cadi is going to change the future of golf and modern retail.

Most importantly, I am honored to have the support from investors that see the potential of Cadi. At Cadi, we are grateful for all 2000+ investors and excited to make Cadi a massive success. We are already on the way. We would love to have you a part of our journey for anyone who has not yet invested. Now is the time to invest!

I have a small request: share our campaign with all your investment-savvy friends and passionate golfers. Just 1 day left to invest! Our campaign lives here: Our community grows daily and we want everyone to have this change to join us!

Have a great day and GO CADI!

Tyler Gottstein

CEO & Co-founder

Cadi can turn any place into a powerful retail location. Cadi's platform offers massive back-end value for a potential acquisition.

24 days ago

A big part of Cadi's Value comes in our back-end technology and overall platform. Cadi technology platform can transform declining mall storefronts, a public parks, amusement parks, sporting events, or even a street corner into a revenue-producing destination.  This is powerful because the hard cost of rent and labor is drastically reduced. In addition, Cadi offers a success-based revenue share. The lack of leverage of these nonproducing retail locations gives Cadi the ability to negotiate excellent terms. As a result, Cadi can increase margins and create an unmatched experience in traditional retail and e-commerce. 

There are two avenues to buy products online or through a physical location. When someone asks you what Cadi is. You can say Cadi is a NEW channel to sell products. If you see the value in this type of flexibility as a retailer, you will understand the huge potential Cadi's backend value has on the retail world. This type of value increases synergies with potential exit partners. 

I realize most of you understand the massive potential in Cadi's retail innovation. Many industries will desire Cadi technology. I am hopeful you see the value in Cadi's back-end platform and decide to join Cadi.

Cadi CAMPAIGN ends in 48 Hours. We also hope you see the value in Cadi. Don's miss your chance to invest in Cadi. 


Tyler Gottstein 

CEO & Co-Founder

Why to invest in Cadi Founders Tyler and Matt.

25 days ago

Good afternoon everyone! Tyler here.  I often feel uncomfortable talking about myself and the management team. But as they say, it is the jockey, not the horse. Matt and I have more of an easy-going exterior, but internally we wake up every day ready to fight and f***ing win. Of course, there are always obstacles, but that will not stop us. 

If anyone is considering an investment, there are only three days left. The campaign is ending on April 30th. 

Go Cadi! 

Current offering closing soon! Join our final investor webinar on April 28

26 days ago

REMINDER: Our current campaign is closing soon! Invest today. Time is running out.

Join us on Thursday, April 28th at 10:00 AM PT for the final, live investor webinar of this current Reg CF campaign.

>>> Reserve your spot now, registration is free. In this webinar, Tyler & Matt will discuss Cadi's recent exciting product and business development updates, including Cadi's decision to end this current funding round and great opportunities ahead.

UPDATE: Campaign closing soon! Cadi inked 63 letters of intents from golf courses with more in discussion

27 days ago

REMINDER: Cadi's current campaign in closing in 5 days!

Cadi has 63 LOIs with top golf course management firms. As this campaign has progressed, the amount of attention has increased drastically. Every day golf course owners and operators reach out to us through our webpage interested in Cadi's product. We love it! Please keep the outreach coming. We are making our way down the list and enjoy learning about the facilities and possible future locations for our kiosks. The golf course relationships will be valuable as we scale.

So, what is the takeaway? Cadi has strong demand from golf courses. We made our model as easy and painless as possible to add golf courses to our network. Our mission is to bring golf retail back to the golf course. This is a net benefit to courses despite any criticism that Cadi "takes" from the course or head pros. The reality is courses love the concept because we want to add value to many aspects of the golf course.

It is an exciting time at Cadi. Let’s keep the momentum going. This campaign ends in 5 days. Please share Cadi with any of your innovative thinkers within your network. We love having you apart of our journey.  If you have not invested, now is the time. We are always available for questions or comments.

Spring is here! The means more time to golf. Get out and enjoy it. Go Cadi! 

Tyler Gottstein

CEO & Co-founder

Investor FAQ: Why will Cadi’s warehousing strategy be better than traditional warehousing?

28 days ago

In the supply chain world there is a fast-growing category called 3PL or third-party logistics. 3PL is a term to describe the outsourcing of a company’s distribution and fulfillment functions. Simply put, a third-party company has a large warehouse that fulfills online orders for many different companies at a time. 3PL’s allow ecommerce companies to focus on sales and not on logistics. 3PL service provides significant value to retailers. As ecommerce has grown so has third party logistic companies.

As Cadi analyzes the retail landscape, we notice something interesting. The most disruptive retailers today are impacting the world primarily due to logistical innovations. Examples? It was difficult to sell personalized glasses online before Warby Parker. It was inconceivable to sell cars online before Carvana. It was hard to sell authenticated shoes and collectibles before StockX. These companies and many others are changing the logistics game because of their unique distribution strategy that continually challenges the status quo. We believe Cadi is in this category. 

Recently, Cadi received the question: Why will Cadi’s warehousing strategy be better than traditional warehousing?

Cadi’s advantages that will lead to the type of disruption seen by Carvana, Warby Parker, and StockX:

In retail, it is common for a 60% accuracy in stock levels in stores and warehouses. Cadi’s system will have 95%+ accuracy. We are tracking the product from sourcing to sale to delivery using sensors on each item. 

  • Cadi is building the foundation for immersive product experiences. Today’s retailers provide a transactional experience for customers. For Cadi, we’re connecting products to Cadi users in a way that will enable additional future innovations in how we collect information on the product and share that bank to customers. 
  • Cadi’s warehouse can be managed with just 2 people and 24/7 visibility from anywhere at any time. Our process-oriented focus combined with autonomous warehouse features reduces labor costs drastically.
  • Cadi can easily plug into multiple channels such as ecommerce, kiosks, storefronts, and third-party marketplaces. This is ideal for moving new and used inventory.
  • Cadi’s technology is taking logistics to the next level. Where 3PL providers add value mainly for retailers, Cadi is focusing our logistics on value adds for consumers. This it’s what we like to call 3PCL, or third-party “consumer” logistics. The Cadi logistics creates unique user experiences adding value almost entirely to the customers. 

You have less than a week to invest in Cadi! Don’t miss out on the opportunity! Get your shares today and join our shareholder community.

Final week to invest! Don’t forget Cadi’s perks

29 days ago

Just days left to become a Cadi shareholder. Our campaign closes on April 30. If you’ve not yet invested or your wanting additional shares, now is the time!

Don’t forget about our perks. Here’s a breakdown of our available perks:

Tier 1 perk ($500+) - Join the team: Receive a $25 Gift card to Cadi's Merch Store. 

Tier 2 perk ($1,000+) - Cadi Champions Member: $50 gift card in Cadi's merch plus a one-year subscription to Cadi Premium membership (valued at an estimated $240).

Tier 3 perk ($6,000+) - FREE 2022 Driver from any top brand. The perk will be redeemed on Cadi’s Marketplace once launched. Includes a Cadi premium membership and all perks associated with that membership level. Driver credit will be applied at the close of the current campaign for the Cadi Marketplace. 

Tier 4 perk ($12,500+) - 5% bonus shares + FULL ACCESS Golf Weekend in San Diego with the Cadi Founders. Cadi will host you and a partner in Carlsbad, CA to Cadi’s HQ. Meet Cadi, firsthand experience Cadi’s prototype kiosk, warehousing technology, and get inside access to other projects in the works. Enjoy quality time with the Cadi team and other members of the Cadi community. PERK includes a one-night stay near Cadi headquarters and a $250 Southwest gift Card towards airfare.  

Perk 5 (12,500+): Golf outing with PGA Golfer Paul Casey plus 20% BONUS SHARES. Included in the is $500 airfare credit, a one-night hotel stay, and round of golf. This event is scheduled to occur before 12/31/22. You will have the option to choose between perk 4 and perk 5 if you choose. This also includes everything listed in PERK 2.

Perk 6 ($50,000)- EVEN MORE BONUS SHARES. Increased Bonus Shares. Invest $50,000 or more and receive 30% bonus shares. This is not common for companies to offer this big of an incentive. Additionally, you will be invited to choose between Cadi PERK 3 or PERK 4. This also includes everything listed in PERK 2. 

Comment on our page with any questions about perks, this campaign, or Cadi’s business.

Don’t miss out on the Future of Golf! Join us today!

Join our upcoming investor webinar—offering closing soon

30 days ago

Join Cadi's co-founders Tyler Gottstein & Matt Ahrens on Thursday, April 28th at 10:00 AM PT for the final, live investor webinar in our current Reg CF campaign.

Reserve your spot now, registration is free, but space is limited.


In this webinar, Tyler & Matt will discuss Cadi's recent exciting product and business development updates, including Cadi's decision to end this current funding round and great opportunities ahead.


There are only 8 days left to invest in this current round on StartEngine. With more than $2M raised, join the over 2,000 Cadi shareholders today!

CADI'S CAMPAIGN IS ENDING IN 9 DAYS. Last chance to invest in Cadi

about 1 month ago

Cadi has decided to end our current campaign and focus on the launch and growth of the Cadi platform. So don’t miss your chance to invest. Cadi’s campaign will end on April 30th. 

Cadi is turning out focus to product and launch of our marketplace. We have received interest from more significant funding sources, and we will pursue those opportunities later in the year. I plan to release a detailed funding strategy before the end of our campaign. 

Please do Cadi a favor and spread the word to anyone that has considered investing in Cadi. We love and appreciate our investor community. 

Go Cadi! 

Tyler Gottstein

New Press: Cadi Introduces Innovative Retail Model To Personalize Golfer Shopping Experiences

about 1 month ago

New press from TechBullion, a Financial Technology News company, focusing on Global Fintech News and Markets.

"Cadi brings innovation to golf by integrating physical and virtual shopping through both the management and distribution of golf clubs. This includes micro warehouses equipped with proprietary technology to track and manage the distribution of all clubs within the Cadi system, including demoed clubs. The efficient distribution of clubs to kiosks and customers is vital to operational success. In comparison, traditional retailers typically suffer product loss, labor issues, and overhead, leading to higher costs and poor inventory accuracy. "

Cadi's logistics and distribution strategies are not discussed enough, but are very important to the overall Cadi vision. The golf equipment industry is fragmented across the US, leading to different shopping experiences depending on where you live. Cadi's model is about delivering seamless experiences for customers shopping on our marketplace. With advanced tracking systems and micro warehousing solutions, Cadi is reducing the traditional pain points of warehousing & logistics, cutting down on labor costs, overhead, and product loss. When the average retailer sees inventory accuracy in the 60 percentile range as normal, Cadi is setting a new standard to 98-100%. When you have 100% sku visibility, the end result is a 10x+ better experience for the customer. 

We're creating the future of golf retail! Join us and invest in Cadi today! 

Hear from CEO Tyler Gottstein on Cadi's perseverance mindset and passing $400,000 raised

about 1 month ago

Cadi has passed $400,000 and now raised over $1.9M in the last 12 months. Hear what our CEO Tyler has to say and why you should invest today. Cadi is the founding team you want to go to business war with. If you have not invested, consider investing today. 

There are great challenges in building "zero to one" technology, but we know we're the team to do it. Challenges are part of the journey to creating any successful product, company, or life. Cadi embodies the grit to fight through the challenges. It takes strong will and determined leadership, backed with a clear vision. Our team continues to show the qualities needed to take Cadi to the next level and beyond. 

There is tremendous opportunity in the golf industry where Cadi is positioned to create massive disruption and outsized returns for our investors. Our investor community has proven to be strong and supportive of Cadi's vision. We welcome all the new investors and look forward to the many more that will join us!

Go Cadi!

Campaign Milestone! Cadi passes $400,000 raised for this round!

about 1 month ago

We've passed $400,000 raised in this round! We share often how important community is to Cadi. Our community and investor network is strong. We are reminded of it every day with the continued support and belief in Cadi. It's a big reason we chose to crowdfund in the first place. Giving everyone an opportunity to invest, own shares, and be part of this journey. Crowdfunding comes with its own set of challenges, but we accept them as a means to building the biggest golf company and sporting goods retailer of the digital future. 

Our vision is clear and people recognize Cadi's value to the golf industry. On to the next! Go Cadi!!

Matt & Tyler

REMINDER: Sign up for Cadi Progress Chat webinar on Tuesday, April 12

about 1 month ago

Register now and save the date for our next live webinar: Cadi's Progress Chat. We'll discuss the latest with Cadi and what's to come. Many projects in the works with Cadi and we're excited about where everything is headed. Join us to hear insights, milestone timelines, 2022 goals, the future of Cadi and golf retail, and Q&A with attendees. 

Event: Cadi Progress Chat

April 12, 2022 at 4:00pm PST

Register here --> Webinar sign up

Tune in! We'll see you all there!

Matt & Tyler

Update: Cadi is in discussions with golf entertainment venues and driving ranges

about 2 months ago

Cadi’s autonomous technology is a perfect fit for entertainment venues. Cadi has discussions to bring Cadi to the leaders in entertainment golf. Why are we excited about these potential partnerships? We share the same values. Cadi strives to make golf more inclusive to new golfers while bridging the knowledge gap with our data-based systems. Cadi is transforming non-retail space into a powerful retail experience using our autonomous technology. Entertainment golf venues have successfully changed golf for the better by simplifying the game and making it easy for players of all skill levels.

These entertainment golf venues have over 12m+ customers, most of which are not avid golfers. There are opportunities to help these golfers transition to golf on the golf course by making it easy to demo and buy golf equipment.  We believe entertainment venues can become the chosen destination for all new golfers looking to buy golf equipment. Look out for a Cadi collaboration with entertainment venues soon.   


Tyler Gottstein

CEO & Co-founder

Masters week! Check out our Favorite Commercial from our shoot with Paul Casey

about 2 months ago

It is Masters week, and we are excited. As you know, Cadi recently partnered with PGA professional Paul Casey. We filmed a series of content, including four commercials to tell Cadi's story. Being my first video production, it was full of first. The deal was unlikely to come to fruition, including up until the day of filming when it snowed for most of the day in Scottsdale, AZ. I didn't know it actually snowed in Scottsdale. But it was all part of the journey, and it turned out great. Paul was a pleasure to work with. He is a great brand ambassador adding positive value to the Cadi brand. Of all the content pieces we created, this is my favorite one. Internally, we called it "Got to try them all." Let me know what you think. 

Cadi is coming. Invest today in the next big thing in Golf! 

Tyler Gottstein

CEO & Co-founder

Invest like a Master's Champion. "Cadi's live inventory system is game-changing"

about 2 months ago

The Master's are here. The Master's tournament gets underway today, showcasing the biggest golf names including our guy, PAUL CASEY. Last year, I picked Dustin Johnson. This year my pick is........ PAUL CASEY. It couldn't be anyone else. He is 44, and still playing great golf. I am hoping he pulls off the victory and really puts a stamp on his career. We are rooting for him.  

The Master's is historically a place that is filled with tradition but also innovative. During a normal Master's tournament, they sell millions of dollars of merchandise in just a few days. It is a one-of-a-kind retail experience. It sells so quickly it is a challenge to have the necessary product on the sale floor. The solution is a live inventory and logistics system that refreshes inventory levels consistently. It is necessary to have a live inventory system to create retail innovation. The data needs to be correct every time. 

Cadi tracking the inventory from Sourcing to Sale. That means Cadi knows where our inventory is exactly as it moves through our warehouse, in transit, arrival at our kiosk system, and in customer's hands. This allows us to collect powerful data.  Cadi kiosk is mobile and easily installed at any location. Like the Master's, we can transform PGA tour events, Festivals, Parks, even parking lots into retail destinations. This is a valuable system that will be attractive to many industries and companies. Ultimately, create a game-changing experience for our customers. 

Happy Masters! Golf Season is here, 

Tyler Gottstein

CEO & Co-founder

Join us for Cadi Progress Chat live webinar: Tue. April 12 at 4pm PST. Registration is open!

about 2 months ago

Join Matt & Tyler at our next live webinar: Cadi's Progress Chat. We'll discuss the latest that's going on with Cadi and what's to come. We're super excited with the direction of Cadi and our projects in the works. Save the date and tune in to hear insights, milestone timelines, 2022 goals, the future of Cadi and golf retail, and Q&A sessions. 

Event: Cadi Progress Chat

April 12, 2022 at 4:00pm PST

Register here --> Webinar sign up

Hope to see you all there! Go Cadi!

Updated Cadi Vision and roadmap- Easy as 1,2,3,4

about 2 months ago

Good day, Cadi Champions!

First off, I want to welcome all the new Cadi investors and supporters. Matt and I appreciate the support and belief in the Cadi platform. We are driven every day to make Cadi a success for the investors and contributors to the Cadi Journey.  

Last week, we introduced Paul Casey to the team. Friday, we did a web application and eCommerce update. Things are moving fast here at Cadi. This week, I wanted to reiterate the vision of Cadi’s roadmap. It is this simple.

1. Launch a modernized golf marketplace focused on a try before you buy and social community. 

The marketplace will result in brand awareness and a core group of champion customers. We use the traction and profits to:

2. Expand on the product offerings, social community offerings of the e-commerce platform. Also, implement additional digital technologies revolving around payments and products.  

The increased offering will solidify our ecosystem, increase our customer base, and create competitive advantages over all other retailers. From there, we use traction and profits to:

3. Launch Cadi Kiosk and warehouse solution into new markets. 

The kiosk ecosystem will drastically improve the customer experience and the golf product logistics model. We will be planting our flag in strong golf markets, and it will be difficult for us to be displaced.

4. Leverage ecosystem and technology to expand to other sporting industries and begin selling our logistics systems in golf and eCommerce.

Cadi will have a robust logistic technology platform, a physical presence in all major golf markets, and the infrastructure to scale.

It is not easy, but we are happy in the fight. We have full conviction that we can win and deliver the vision. So if you have not invested or considering an investment, now is a great time. 

Go Cadi!

Tyler Gottstein

Quarterly Update: Ecommerce Update and Release Timeline.

about 2 months ago

Building valuable technology requires patience as difficult as it might be. One of the most interesting things we have experienced with stage of development is the dev and project team's journey. Everyone comes into the project with their own experiences and a new, fresh perspective but must evolve into a knowledge expert on the current project. This creates a challenge where you are scoping work and making decisions before having all the information or understanding. You then go through the discovery process and the discovery is often why projects get delayed. With that said, I believe this is also how great products get made. The process of constantly learning and evolving is imperative. Through this project the Cadi team has become more knowledgeable, and the vision has become more evident as time has passed.

Cadi's eCommerce experience will be completely different from the current offering in golf. As a result, it will push the limits of golf retail. As we begin the second half of the development build, the walking and learning phase is transforming into the running and focused development phase. As a result, the progress will begin advancing at a much faster rate.

The main feature of our site is the ease and convenience of the Try Before You Buy. Users will have the ability to try multiple products in minutes. A simple TBYB toggle will define the experience. Use personalized data to choose two products and check out. It is just that simple.

Cadi's community is the most crucial measure of our success. To cultivate community, Cadi is introducing a subscription option. Cadi's subscription unlocks massive cashback, up to 30% back, and a social experience unique to Cadi. Cadi's cashback, called CadiCash, can be spent throughout the site and on unique Cadi experiences.

Finally, Cadi uses personalized data to help you find the perfect club. Product statistics from golfers just like you and help fit you to the right products. It is simple and delivers on Big Data. 

Cadi is on track for a Q3 beta release. We cannot wait to launch and will leverage our community as our beta testers. Every investor that qualifies will be getting an update email. Please be on the lookout for the Cadi tester's email. If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to ask. 

Go Cadi, 

Tyler Gottstein

CEO @ Co-Founder

Cadi is not just a golf retailer, IT IS A DATA COMPANY.

2 months ago

On the day of our shoot with Paul Casey, we spend 2 hours sitting around a table and talking golf, business, and Cadi. As we dove deeper into Cadi, Paul said, "so Cadi is a DATA company." That was a brilliant understanding from Paul. The more we talked, the more obvious it was to everyone listening that Cadi's secret sauce is data. Cadi is not just a golf retailer. IT IS A DATA AND LOGISTICS COMPANY. Those are the essential expertise needed to dominate digital retail (i.e., Amazon).

The data allows Cadi to create a 10X better experience. The data helps better match golfers to products digitally. It helps track the product from sourcing to sale. It helps improve product journey from warehouse to kiosks. Finally, it supports overall efficiencies within the Cadi ecosystem. 

Data is how we can expand into other markets and grow market capitalization that will make our investors happy. So if you have not invested, invest today!

Go Cadi! 

Tyler Gottstein  

New Cadi Perk: INVEST $6k and get a new 2022 Driver.

2 months ago

As you have seen, Cadi announced our first brand ambassador, Paul Casey. But, that is only the beginning. Over the next six weeks, Cadi will give a series of announcements, milestones, and product updates. We believe we are on the back nine of our MVP product build. Our technology can potentially change the way sporting goods products are sold.  

As of March 14th, Cadi introduces two new investment perks for investors. The perk I am discussing today is familiar. It was the most popular perk from our first campaign, and we are bringing it. It is simple, invest $6,000 and receive a 2022 Driver from one of the top brands. The difference this year, the driver will be delivered through our new marketplace launch this summer. This was extremely popular in our first campaign. We gave out over 100 drivers to investors in 2021.

This perk is for new investors after February 15th who did not attend the Waste Management Perk. Additionally, If you make multiple investments, we will count your total investment in the current round, and you will be entitled to that perk. But do not worry, we want to reward our investors and champion customers.  

If you recently invested in Cadi. Please remember to join our investment Facebook group. Located here

Go Cadi, 

Tyler Gottstein

New Press! Cadi x Paul Casey is trending up! A strong step forward for Cadi's campaign and 2022 goals

2 months ago

You heard it here first yesterday! Now everyone else is getting their ears to the news that PGA Tour Pro Paul Casey is joined up with Cadi. Cadi has received another article published by Yahoo Finance. In less than 24 hours since yesterday's update, we've heard the buzz from the crowd about Paul. Some of this we expected and some unexpected. On the business side, industry contacts, golf professionals, and special relationships reached out to give their congrats and support. Some unexpected names sharing their support in us and what we are doing. That is great for Cadi from a macro perspective. 

On the campaign side, current and prospective investors reached out with stronger interest in investing larger amounts to our funding round. There is work to be done here to close the investments, but positive signs for our campaign. 

"Every golfer, even tour players, love to try the latest and greatest technology" says Casey. "Cadi makes it so easy to find the perfect clubs to help golfers play their best." 

Casey is a respected player on tour and widely appreciated for his professionalism and good nature. He is a great ambassador for the game and now Cadi! 

So, what are you waiting for? Join us! This is the time to disrupt the golf industry and create golf retail's digital future!

Go Cadi!

Matt & Tyler

PGA Pro Paul Casey joins Cadi.

2 months ago


Cadi is pleased to announce Cadi’s first Brand Ambassador PGA golfer Paul Casey! Paul is top 30 on the all-time money list and a four-time Ryder Cup participant. Fresh off a 3rd place finish at The Players Championship, Casey has had several impressive worldwide wins, including three on the PGA Tour. Paul’s highly respected voice and golf reputation offer Cadi instant validation in the golf industry. Paul is one of the great guys in golf and was a pleasure to work with. Paul works with Nike, Rolex, Porsche, American Express, and now, CADI.

Why did Paul Casey seek to endorse Cadi? Simple! Cadi recognizes the disruptive potential of Cadi. While shooting content with Paul, he was like a kid in the candy shop trying different products. Casey has chosen not to sign a golf equipment deal, preferring to use a variety of clubs that best suit his game. He believes every golfer should have the Cadi try before you buy experience. It helps find the perfect clubs to fit your game. for your game.

Paul is the perfect fit to elevate the Cadi brand. He represents the Cadi culture and is a strong voice for our community. Cadi has filmed new content and commercials to tell our story. They will be released soon. We added a new investor perk, a Golf outing with Paul Casey. This event will take place later this year.

Go Cadi,

Tyler Gottstein

Notice of Material Change in Offering

2 months ago

[The following is an automated notice from the StartEngine team].

Hello! Recently, a change was made to the Cadi, Inc. offering. Here's an excerpt describing the specifics of the change:

Issuer is extending campaign and updating perks.

When live offerings undergo changes like these on StartEngine, the SEC requires that certain investments be reconfirmed. If your investment requires reconfirmation, you will be contacted by StartEngine via email with further instructions.

Progress update: Cadi's warehousing upgrades in final stages!

2 months ago

Cadi’s warehouse installation projects are now in the final stages. We’ve been delayed at different times going back to Q4 2021 due to events outside our control (ie. a global pandemic and supply chain nightmares!). Our team has continued pressing on and we’re closing in. Final hardware components are still on backorder but expected to arrive in the next few weeks. This means our upgraded systems will be in place and running through many tests before our marketplace goes live. I’m being a little vague here to protect the IP that goes into this. We'll continue sharing updates on these projects.

What will truly separate Cadi from other golf retailers is our logistics and distribution model. We’ve been working hard to complete these warehouse projects and it’s approaching the final testing stage. When I say hardware I mean the physical requirements that enable full item tracking on an individual sku level. This is a challenge given the uniqueness and complexities of golf clubs. Why is this important? When you think about a typical retailer, a high cost or opportunity cost (aside from overhead and labor, which Cadi is also minimizing) is product loss. Not knowing where product is within the supply chain. When the average retailer sees inventory accuracy in the 60-70% range as normal, Cadi is setting a new standard to 98-100%. Low accuracy is accepted because traditional legacy systems make this extremely difficult and expensive to overhaul their logistics infrastructure. Cadi is starting at the foundational level. Our warehouses will be built with advanced systems that enable 100% product visibility and item tracking. A better experience for customers where Cadi reduces stockouts, back orders, missing items, etc. A benefit to Cadi because this limits lost sales due to any of these reasons while creating a highly efficient supply chain. 

Equally if not more important, this level of tracking delivers an efficient return process and a TBYB experience. Cadi can quickly move products in and out of our supply chain and be connected to each product on the backend. Cadi customers will benefit from our backend systems as we scale up to Amazon-like distribution and micro fulfillment.

This is a game-changing position we're in as other retailers figure out how to adapt to the digital retail transformation.

More updates here in the coming weeks. Stay tuned. 

For anyone that has not invested, invest and join us! Golf continues to show growth and there is momentum throughout the industry and at Cadi. In a short time, Cadi will accomplish multiple goals that paves the way to future growth. 

Go Cadi!

Matt Ahrens


How is Cadi the future of golf retail? Cadi is using DATA to redefine the golf purchase exchange.

2 months ago

One of the most frustrating parts of the current golf purchase experience is the lack of data accessible to the golfer. The golf industry has seen technology advancements with launch monitors like Trackman or Foresight that collect valuable swing data. The problem is that only an expert can understand and distill the data. This process is done intentionally because of the B2B sales model of this type of technology. There is an opportunity to unlock the data and present it to every golfer. This data can be used for golfers to self-fit for the right product and as an essential tool to improve every golfer’s game. Imagine a scenario where every swing, good or bad, can be understood with simple data metrics. This innovation can change the game of golf.

At Cadi, we strive to build a product where golfers do not want to play golf without Cadi. An experience where golfers do not want to buy golf products without the data exclusive at Cadi. There are no other golf companies that are leveraging data like Cadi.

Do not miss the opportunity to invest in the company striving to revolutionize golf. Thank you to everyone that sees the value in Cadi and investing in Cadi.

Go Cadi! 

Tyler Gottstein

CEO & Co-founder

Three Reasons to Invest in Cadi today! From Cadi CEO, Tyler Gottstein.

3 months ago

Hi everyone, 

Cadi is forging our own path.  The famous VC investor, Peter Thiel, has a well-known quote that reads, "Competition is for losers." He is looking to invest in companies striving for unique business models that do not have many competitors. At Cadi, our technology stack is unique and only faces competition from traditional retail channels. Cadi will have a large competitive advantage with our retail marketplace and distribution model if the digital transformation trends continue. 

Golf and Retail Domain Experts. 

Cadi has a management team that understands the industry, unlike anyone else. In addition, Cadi has deep relationships with all constituents in the golf industry, such as the Golf Courses, Golf Manufacturers, and Golfers. As a result, we know what the golf industry needs and how to implement the right technology to disrupt the current status quo. 


Cadi has an investor community of 1400 people. We have raised over 1.2 million dollars. We have done over $1 million in sales. Cadi has a plan in place to quickly grow our market valuation by 5x in the next 12 months. Now is the perfect time to invest in Cadi. If you consider investing in a golf company, we would love to share our journey as we make waves in the retail world. 

Invest today, 

Tyler Gottstein

CEO and Co-founder 

Investor Testimonial: Mike Invested into Cadi! Here is why you need to also take the plunge

3 months ago

I thought it would be great to showcase one of our $25k investors. We asked Mike M. a series of questions on what enticed him to invest in Cadi and why he believes Cadi is a great investment. Mike is a retired M&A executive that chose Cadi as one of his few start-up investments.  

Q: What do you see in the Cadi team that makes you feel they will make the business succeed?

A: Tyler is the type of person that I have confidence in to make Cadi successful. I’ve been invested for two years, and despite a few setbacks, he has really delivered by finding alternate paths to success. That is always key in startups. Tyler sees the end zone and will get us there. I am very pleased with what the team has accomplished, and with this round of fundraising, I look forward to seeing them scale the Cadi kiosk presence. 

Q: Do you feel personally connected to the Cadi brand? If so, why?

A: Oh, Yes, absolutely. There’s really no other way where I could say, “Hey, you know, I’ve seen that new driver on TV. I want to try it,” There’s no other way. Absolutely none.

Q: Are you a golfer? If so, why do you think Cadi will transform the industry? 

A: When I rented one club I liked it so much, I bought the whole set, and that was three clubs. So I’ve been using those for two years now, and I’m delighted with them. I probably would not have tried it, but I really only tried one brand, and I happened to like it the first time. I haven’t been in the market for golf clubs since I bought those. 

As always, we appreciate the support. Feel free to contact us with any questions. Thank you.

Tyler Gottstein

Legal: This testimonial may not be representative of the experience of other customers and is no guarantee of future performance or success.

Everything you need to know! Here are the most frequently asked questions we get from investors.

3 months ago

Cadi’s Most Frequently Asked Questions from Investors


Cadi has received many questions about our StartEngine raise and our efforts to become the leader of sporting goods retail. Named The World’s First Autonomous Golf Retailer by Yahoo! Finance, and most recently mentioned in Forbes, Cadi’s is already propelling towards our goal of raising the maximum to continue our mission. 

Here we aim to answer several frequently asked questions to provide clarity regarding customer and investor inquiries to provide deeper insight into Cadi’s capital raise. 

Cadi Questions

Why would a golf course want to have a Cadi Kiosk onsite?

Golf courses are always seeking opportunities to make additional revenue and offer a better experience for golfers. Dating back to the early 2000s, public golf courses have gotten out of selling golf equipment because they could not compete with the emergence of big-box retailers followed by the internet.

It’s a pain to hold inventory and train new people to sell with limited resources. They are overwhelmed by their main business of selling rounds and golf balls. They don’t hold all club selections, and golf companies are unwilling to offer price discounts based on the number of products they sell. 

What Cadi does is utilize the power of multiple golf courses to get better pricing. The service we offer is an add-on to the golf course. We can bring more golfers to the facility and use our technology to promote other experiences on the golf course, like teachings or fittings. We bring expertise in logistics and can offer all of the selection needed to sell. It’s a perfect partnership between what the golf course offers and what Cadi can sell.


What clubs/products do you offer, and what is the selection?

Cadi is a marketplace that offers an almost unlimited selection and spec of golf clubs. A user can access our marketplace 24/7 from their mobile phone or computer. 

Anything that is not currently in the kiosk can be delivered to the kiosk or sent to the user's address. Our kiosk is built modularly and can be expanded to as many clubs as we need. Our initial kiosk focuses primarily on drivers and putters.  


How does the kiosk work?

The way the kiosk works is the user has two options. They can shop our mobile marketplace and with our kiosk. Users who do not shop on the mobile app visit one of our golf courses with a kiosk, walk up to it and engage the touch screen. Their users will see a catalog of available items. They can search for club types they want to try, and the kiosk will simultaneously use artificial intelligence to give different options to try based on their game and specs. The user chooses the time duration – It will start at six hours and goes to two days. During that time, you can try and exchange the club for no cost. Of course, you could try every single club in the kiosk if you wanted.


How do you prevent theft?

The technology behind Cadi is patent pending. The IP is based on the way our products are tracked. The technology of Cadi is actually sensors on the club. When users search the catalog and find a club they want to demo, you either sign in or create an account and swipe your credit card. The kiosk then gives you the club or clubs you choose, and you are free to take them for as long as you like. If you love the club, you can keep it, and you’ll be charged for not returning it. If you want to return it, you bring it back to the kiosk, but the club next to the screen and scan the tag. The welcome screen will prompt you to put the club back into the locker, recognize the club has been returned, and track the demo fee through your account. 


Is your autonomous technology going to take away jobs?

No. The golf courses are already limited in resources, and people working the golf courses do not sell much product. We are actually creating jobs because a number of people are needed to manage each kiosk territory. We think we are increasing traffic onto the golf course, which will add more lessons, fittings, and potentially could increase the hirings needed on a golf course. Cadi will add jobs, not take away any jobs. 


Where are you installing kiosks, and what is your growth plan?

Cadi launched the first version one kiosks for market testing in 2019 in Orlando, Florida, at one of our partner courses, then in the summer moved to Southern California. We plan to relaunch in 2021 based on the markets we think have the highest potential, then plan on installing enough kiosks to compete in that chosen market. Another way Cadi will scale is by working with course management companies, which manage up to 600 different courses at a given time. Cadi has partnered with several golf management companies and has 63+ letters of intent. Cadi plans to explore entertainment markets like Topgolf as well.


What brands do you offer?

Cadi works with the latest and greatest products from the top brands such as TaylorMade, Titleist, Cobra, Callaway, Scotty Cameron, Odyssey, and more. 


Are there left-handed options in the kiosks? Do you offer Extra Stiff Shafts? Do you offer women’s clubs?

First, our Co-Founder Matt Ahrens is left-handed, so we always look after the lefties. One of our missions is to make the game of golf more inclusive, and because of our autonomous retail, we can include every golf segment and offer selection for them. On our marketplace and in our kiosks, we always make sure to offer the extra stiff shafts and other limited specs as well as women’s clubs;


When golfers try your clubs, do they buy from the kiosk? 

The goal of the kiosk and Cadi, in general, is to become the largest retailer of golf and sporting goods. We want people to buy products from our kiosk and online marketplace. During testing, 33% of users purchased the club they tried on the course. The power of being able to try on the golf course allows you to see actual results of every swing, so there’s a large percentage of instant gratification purchases!


You have two options when you use the kiosk. You can either purchase the club that you tried at a discounted price through our dynamic pricing system, or you can purchase a brand new one at full price.


What makes you different from other retailers? Are you offering more competitive prices than other retailers?

Cadi is one of the only brands that really allows you to try before you buy on the golf course. We offer a large selection with all specs. We use technology to make sure you’re getting the right club based on your skill level and specs. We offer expedited shipping to your address and offer the added convenience of location on your local course. Our demoed clubs are offered at competitive prices, resulting in a better customer experience all around. 


Campaign Questions

What is equity crowdfunding? What is regulation CF?

Equity crowdfunding allows startups and private companies to raise capital from the crowd through the sale of securities like equity, debt, revenue share, and more.

Anyone, regardless of wealth, can invest in private businesses, not just the ones trading on stock exchanges, and they can do so online.

Regulation crowdfunding allows companies to raise up to $5m each year, every year.


What is my expected Return on Investment?

Our goal is to pay dividends in the future; however, they will be based on the company’s future profits and success. In the immediate future, all company profits will be used to fuel the company’s growth objectives. 


What’s the investment, and how am I involved in the process?

An early-growth company or startup raises capital on platforms like StartEngine. You invest in the business because you see a future where that business is profitable and successful. 

Investing in startups means you’re getting in early before the company IPOs. Then, if the business does well and grows, you can make money on your investment in the future.

When you invest in companies on StartEngine, you become a partial owner of the business.


We appreciate all feedback from investors and customers alike and encourage you to ask any questions you may have! In addition, we invite you to visit our website, our StartEngine page, or our InstagramFacebook, or LinkedIn accounts to stay up to date on all Cadi progress.

Mobile digital retail experiences WILL dominate in-store experiences. Here are my thoughts....

3 months ago

Almost daily, I am repeating Cadi’s vision; Cadi is the future of retail, connecting the digital world to the real world in golf and sporting goods. Of course, the understanding of this statement is different for each person based on their experience and knowledge of technology. Although statements like this are used far too often across all industries, Cadi’s definition of the future of retail is fluid and constantly changing as we undercover more learnings.

Cadi believes that all retail will eventually transition to digital, and most interaction will happen through your mobile phone or a personal device. The digital experience is developing quickly, and the potential of the depth of the experience for the user is endless. Ultimately, Cadi believes the digital retail experience can be exponentially better than the current brick and mortar experience. Cadi’s digital experience can leverage DATA removing all bias, limitation, and human nature. To fully understand the potential of digital, we need to understand the limitation of the current purchase experience.

Currently, the golf purchase experience is limited. Getting fit for golf clubs or visiting golf stores are limited to the professional’s knowledge, capacity to understand your situation and goals, and their ability to overcome personal and professional biases (almost impossible). The user is navigating heavy product marketing and must have access to quality golf shops and fitters to get the best current experience. The current retail environment is regionally fragmented, creating a unique shopping experience based on where you live in the country. Finally, the user must have spare time and expendable income to take advantage of the retail environment. Combining all these factors points to an enhanced E-COMMERCE and DIGITAL EXPERIENCE.

Cadi is focused on building a platform that focuses on cultivating more profound digital experiences and creating technology that powers the growth of eCommerce. Digital retail has no rules, and whatever we believe is the perfect retail environment can be developed. The users can be authentic in their identity, and we can create profiles that are unbiased and based on data. The collection of macro data and cross-platform integration can add layers of depth to the experience only achievable in a digital experience. The future of retail is digital retail. Cadi kiosk is the simple connection between mobile shopping and on-course Try Before you Buy.  This is why Cadi will SUCCEED.

Cadi is changing the game. If you are considering investing, we would love to have you a part of the community. Now is a great time. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask.

Go Cadi!

Tyler Gottstein

Here is why head pros and golf courses LOVE Cadi Kiosk...

3 months ago

One of Cadi's most frequently asked questions is: Why would golf courses want Cadi?

The answer is simple. We bring value to the golf course and the customer base. Cadi targets high-traffic public golf courses, driving ranges, and entertainment golf venues. Most of these facilities do not sell golf equipment or are highly underperforming retail businesses. Golf course managers are often asked to perform management tasks over revenue-producing tasks. The pro shop was left behind.

Cadi technology will rejuvenate the golf course retail for these FIVE reasons.

  1. Cadi handles all aspects of the kiosk from inventory, maintenance, service, and marketing. Cadi's purpose and mission are to CREATE A GAME-CHANGING EXPERIENCE FOR THE GOLFERS at their facility. There is no distraction or alternative goal. It cannot be overlooked.  
  2. The kiosk will support the entire golf community surrounding the facility. Cadi kiosk transforms the golf course into a distribution center for golf equipment. As the user shops on Cadi's online marketplace, a user located within 20 miles of the kiosk can choose to have their product delivered or picked up at the local kiosk. This experience removes long shipping wait times.
  3. Digital retail is the future, and Cadi kiosk bridges that gap from Digital to real life. Cadi kiosk is exponentially more than a vending machine. Cadi Kiosk is intelligent, hosted in the cloud, built to collect data and optimize the user experience.
  4. Cadi produces Golf Course revenue. Revenue is shared with the golf course in return for the placement of the Cadi kiosk in their facility. Just that simple, no additional work required. The golf course shares in profits from pushing usage.  
  5. If Cadi chooses your golf course, you will be the most high-tech golf in town. Golf is changing, and Cadi is leading the transformation.

If you invested recently, please join our private investor Facebook group here:  Cadi's Investor ONLY Group.

If you are considering an investment in Cadi, now is a great time. We would love to have you a part of the team. We send updates weekly and have over 2000 happy investors. Big have exciting announcements coming soon!

Go Cadi,

Tyler Gottstein

CEO & Co-Founder

Kiosk on the MOVE! Big thing coming soon.....

3 months ago

Any success Cadi has accomplished over the last 4+ years has not stopped us from putting in hard work. Our drive and fire to be successful have not changed. I feel more responsible for proving myself every day for all our investors and people who believe in Cadi. I love this quote from Joe Burrow.

"Focus on getting better. Don't have a workout and post about it…... Work in silence. Don't show anyone what you're doing. Let your performance show all the hard work you put in." - Joe Burrow.

This quote represents the mantra of Cadi. We are driven, work hard every day, and love it. Upcoming this week, we have an exciting milestone project scheduled. It required us to transport our kiosk from San Diego, CA, to Scottsdale, AZ. To fit into our busy schedule, we had to drive throughout the night to make it for our scheduled event. Today is my birthday, but there is nothing else I would rather be doing. These are the experiences that make all the hard work worth it. It is not the destination; it is the journey.

The reason to invest in Cadi is the executive team. We are skilled, knowledgeable, and driven to succeed in this space. If you haven't invested, now is a great time to join the community.

We will share what we are working on shortly. Have a great week.

Go Cadi,

Tyler Gottstein

Cadi Week recap part 2: ROI and takeaways

3 months ago

As Tyler said in our last update, Cadi Week and the WMPO tournament was a great experience and overall we’re happy with the results. Of course, we have lots of thoughts on how to do it better. This was a good experience for me and Tyler to learn what it takes to host an event of this scale. I’m sharing some specific takeaways and ROI results here. 

Our investor turnout for the WMPO was great. We got to spend time with some really good people and supporters of Cadi. Knowing groups of Cadi investors were out on the course was a cool feeling, and we enjoyed hanging out with those that were at the Cove suite. This was one highlight from the week. The Cove has rows of suites with other companies there, so we get to comingle and network with executives and professionals in other fields. It was valuable time spent making new connections and having meaningful conversations on business and life.

The Founders Club party and golf outing had a lower turnout than anticipated because of a few challenges, some we knew ahead of time and some we did not. One big thing was Superbowl weekend. Many investors told us how interested they were to come, but they had other commitments already with either family, friends, work, other travel, emergencies, or just came back from recent golf trips (wifey no likey). This we knew and know we can better communicate the schedule and get firm commitments ahead of time. We can time Cadi events that do not overlap with other events going on, or at least fit when we expect most people to be available. Back-to-back events Friday night and Saturday morning are difficult for anyone going out on Friday, having some drinks, or just enjoying their vacation in Scottsdale. There’s improvements here for the next time. The venue location turned out to be further from central areas and the tournament than we thought. It made it hard to get to when Ubers were booked for people leaving the WMPO or just too expensive. We can better help people plan their trip and the logistics, plus help Cadi be more effective.

A risk we took was offering this campaign perk in the first place. “Invest and come to Cadi Week”. There was some uncertainty if people would invest to attend. It was an important test for our community building so we went for it and overall it paid off. The ROI here was better than expected. We saw a 4x return on our all-in cost for Cadi Week. It showed us that people want to have these experiences, and the people that could not attend shared how badly they wanted to. This is a good sign for us, but we can always be better. With some improvements to the event activation and planning, we’re confident the ROI and turnout will grow. Note this does not include future investments from attendees, investor guests, or friends/connections we made while at the WMPO.

Above all, this was a good test for Cadi’s team and for me and Tyler. This type of experience is important for our vision. As Cadi events grow so will the experiences like this. Tyler and I always believe we can improve, so we’ll focus on where to get better for the next events!

Stay tuned for more updates from us.

Matt Ahrens, Co-founder

Cadi week recap: A week for the AGES.

3 months ago

We are back to work after a great week in Scottsdale at the WM Phoenix Open.  It was a great experience and filled with fun. Cadi had three goals; Spend time with Cadi investors, create a memorable experience for the Cadi's community, and learn the ins and outs of hosting events at the WM Phoenix Open.  

Like most things, when you take chances, the learnings are often unexpected. We quickly realized how epic our suite was. It was at the Cove on the 17th, the premier business area. Every company there is successful and leveraging the event for business progress. We were able to network and meet several other executives leading to deep conversations. Listening to other executives articulate their business as well as challenge Cadi's vision is always valuable. We enjoy these conversations daily and provoke thought among Matt and me.

The WM Phoenix open represents where golf is going. It is pure excitement and happiness. Of course, it helps to have an open bar and unlimited food offered on the 17th hole. We sat in our suite and watched the pros attempt to drive the 17th green. There may or may not have been gambling on which player would score lower. We saw great shots like Rickie Fowler chip in eagle and Scottie Scheffler's birdie that propelled him to the title.  It is a great golf viewing experience. 

The golf experience and the Cadi party led to an excellent time for everyone that attended. It was a pleasure to meet everyone in person. We were blown away by the Cadi community's level of understanding and intelligence. Interestingly enough, people were talking about Cadi around the course. Several people reached out said they heard about Cadi from someone at the event and wanted to discuss an investment. That was unexpected.

Overall, all the goals were accomplished, and we are happy with the results. We reconnected with all attendees, and they had a great time. If you did not attend, you missed out, but we would love to host you at our next event. We have committed to the WM Phoenix Open next year and have a deeper understanding of how we can do it even bigger and better. 

To non-investors, events like this demonstrate why you should be investing in Cadi. If you have any questions, we would love to connect with you. Now is the time; this is only the beginning. 

We will have some big announcements coming over the next couple of weeks. 

Go Cadi, 

Tyler Gottstein

CEO & Co-Founder

We're here at the WM Phoenix Open! Celebrating our investors with Cadi Week and some amazing golf.

3 months ago

Cadi is here at the WM Phoenix Open in Scottsdale! This is a great week for golf, and we’re excited about what’s going on for Cadi this week. 

We’re here to celebrate our investors with Cadi Week. A lot of time and effort has gone into this week for our team. It’s an important moment for Cadi and the potential for future events like this and throughout the US. As our investor community grows so will the meaningful connections we can create with these types of events!

There’s so much to take in at the WMPO because of the unique experience here compared to other tour stops. It is just different, probably the best event on tour for fans. With concerts, live DJs, “The Loudest Hole in Golf”, you can’t help but admire the game and the passion fans have for golf. Of course, when you combine some drinks, golf, and summer weather you get a good crowd. The future for golf and the game feels really strong. There’s so much young talent on tour and amateurs proving themselves every week. Golf is growing and you can feel this energy.

On the Cadi business front, we’re moving forward with decisions that we’ll be sharing soon. We have some important progress coming, we’re just working through some details and dealing with moving timelines. More things to come that we’ll share with all of you. Can’t wait for it!

Go Cadi!

Matt & Tyler

Cadi FEATURED in MarketWatch! Cadi is in the news.

4 months ago

Our newest press win was featured in MarketWatch. Check it out here. I think the title says it best: Our technology is game-changing for Golf. Combining our logistics/distribution and marketplace features is creating an innovation stack that will make Cadi dominant in golf retail. There is tremendous potential to disrupt the fragmented golf retail model. Cadi is the solution to delivering a better purchase experience for golfers and helping match products that are right for everyone's game. We're excited about where things are going, and we'll be sharing more development updates shortly.

Check out the article here: Cadi's technology is game-changing for Golf. 

Go Cadi! 

Tyler Gottstein

CEO and Co-Founder 

Cadi surpasses $300k raised. Plus Cadi week next week!

4 months ago

Thank you to all our investors that got us to this milestone! We’re on this journey together. Let’s keep it going. We are heads down making progress and excited to share more updates soon. If you're not invested yet, get in now! 

More announcements coming...For anyone eligible to attend Cadi Week, reach out to Matt directly as soon as possible or leave a comment on our campaign page. We do not have access to contact you during this time.


Matt A. 


A day at the PGA's Farmers Open- Cadi's Cashback experience

4 months ago

At Cadi, we are excited about the community features of our website. One of the exciting possibilities is a partnership with the PGA tour, providing access to PGA events throughout the country.

Last week, I spent a day at the Farmer's Open at Torrey Pines in San Diego, CA. It was my first day at a PGA Tour event. Everyone should attend a PGA tour event. It is entertaining. I would describe attending a PGA event as going on a safari. You have the freedom to roam the property with full access to every player. You walk up to every hole with excitement to see what group is on that hole. You quickly notice that most players in the field are lesser-known players, and the most prominent names are grouped together. Most players never get a single shot shown on TV. To find the most recognized names look for all the people. All the people crowd around the big names like the lions on the safari. You have incredible access to the players. You are just feet away from the players. Every golfer is smaller and more normal in appearance than they look on TV. They appear to be so relatable. Something about the experience makes you feel like a better golfer. I just felt like I could execute the shots just like them. (I cannot! Not even close)

One of my big takeaways is that the players' brands are built 100% digitally. The aura around Bryson, Rickie, Spieth, and Brooks is contributed to the media and the commercialization of the sport. These guys' brands are huge enterprises, but you would never know in person if you were disconnected from technology. This is the power of technology, especially in TV and media.

Cadi has the vision to bring the enjoyable parts of golfers closer to our community. Cadi members will have access to exclusive events such as PGA events. Cadi is testing this theory next week at the Waste Management Open. Cadi's business model is going to redefine the limits of eCommerce.

If you recently invested and are interested in attending the Waste Management Open in Scottsdale next week, please reach out to We would love to see you there. Thanks.

Go Cadi,

Tyler Gottstein

CEO & Co-Founder

Cadi connects the DIGITAL WORLD to the REAL WORLD like no one else.

4 months ago

Golf is at an all-time high in growth and popularity. The pandemic changed golf forever. The new golfers caused the industry to abandon old traditions and accept a new inclusive golf world. These changes also accelerated digital progress in the golf industry. Cadi firmly believes that the golf purchase experience will transition to digital shopping experiences. The recent golf industry advancement has begun to confirm our thesis. But, it is just at the beginning.

Cadi uses Cadi Kiosk to connect the DIGITAL WORLD to the PHYSICAL WORLD. Although we are starting to see the implementation of Try Before You Buy and other virtual innovations, real change cannot happen without addressing the serious challenges in golf. Here is what Cadi believes and what we are doing to truly 10x the purchase experience. Here are four must-have features to truly embrace digital retail.

  1. Big Data CurationWhat product is best for me??? You must help answer this product question. There is a lack of TRUE product fitting on the internet. Digital fittings will not scale to the masses.

Cadi has a BIG DATA solution. Cadi does not fit in a traditional sense. Cadi is collecting and presenting data to users about other golfers like you. We democratize data, and we do not care what you buy. We only care about helping you choose what is best for you. Giving you all the opportunity to return the product and allow you to determine what is best for you. Every product will have data from users JUST LIKE YOU.

  1. Digital Retail is Social Commerce. The digital community will continue to be a critical part of the digital transformation. Everywhere you look, you will see people writing their opinion. Every strong community has people willing to volunteer their time to help the community. You must offer features, incentives, and progress to offer the community what they want. The better this happens, the stronger the community gets. Cadi is accomplishing this in many ways. With cashback, services, and events, Cadi's membership model will change the game.

  2. Advanced inventory systems and game-changing logistics. Shipping a golf club is difficult. Golf products are oddly shaped with a long, low-weight box that can only efficiently shipped by ground. This is not a recipe for success. This is where Cadi's one-of-a-kind logistics strategy is the ultimate WINNER. The golf course with Cadi will have highly efficient retail technology by using our micro warehousing and kiosks. No one else in the industry is addressing these challenges.

  3. Try before you buy: We believe this will quickly become a standard feature on most digital retail sites. So how can Cadi do it differently and get additional value?


The real value for Cadi is always DATA. If you understand the data, you can use it to create a 10x better experience. In our experience, you can demo up to two products with the flip of a switch. It is that easy.


Thank you for believing in Cadi and all of the positive thoughts. We are making progress. If you haven't invested, now is the time. Join our community!


Go Cadi!

Book your spot now for Cadi Week at the PGA Tour event in Scottsdale, AZ!

4 months ago

Our $6,000+ investment perk is exclusive access to Cadi Week 2022, Feb 7-13. Events take place at the PGA Tour Waste Management Open in Scottsdale, Arizona. We are celebrating Cadi and our investors with several events going on. We have an investor hospitality suite on the 17th hole, a Founders Club party at a private venue, and a golf outing scheduled for Saturday. You and a +1 are invited to all of this as a premium investor. (scroll to Jan 20 update for event calendar)

Invest today and join us along with other investors! Then reach out to Matt directly at to book your spot!

**If you already earned this reward, contact Matt directly as soon as possible**

Cadi's warehousing and logistics will power modern retail

4 months ago

The golf retail industry has big logistical challenges that Cadi is committed to solving. We know a clear differentiator for Cadi is our warehousing and logistics. Yes it helps deliver a Try Before You Buy experience for users, but equally important is operationally Cadi’s creating an efficiency powerhouse. This means dramatically cutting product loss, reducing overhead and labor costs, and having full stock visibility with granular SKU tracking (ie. No stockouts).

Cadi’s logistics, like Amazon, is a big part of how we’ll deliver a 100x better experience for customers. Our smart warehouses utilize emerging technology that’s lacking in retail. This enables Cadi to track all products in our system with a microscope. TBYB products are quickly inspected, reprocessed, and redistributed to Cadi’s sales channels. New and used inventory is efficiently passed through Cadi’s system and to the customer with ease, all while being tracked end to end.

Legacy systems make it difficult and very expensive for retailers to implement this technology on a large scale. Cadi is committed to leading smart applications in golf retail and warehousing. This presents future opportunities for Cadi’s logistics and warehousing to help power other third-party sellers in a similar way to what Amazon FBA offers. Imagine the possibilities for golf and sporting goods.

10% BONUS shares expiring in less than 24 hours left!

4 months ago

Our Super Early Bird perk expires early tomorrow morning. You still have today to invest and earn 10% bonus shares with your investment. These will be the last bonus shares available for investments under $25k. Join the journey! Great things are ahead for Cadi and we want everyone to be part of it. Post a comment on our page with any questions, or reach us on socials @cadikiosk. 

CADI WEEK 2022 is coming! Check out these events and start planning your trip!

4 months ago

Cadi Investors, 

Get ready for CADI WEEK 2022! Events take place during the Waste Management Open starting February 12.  Prepare now to come celebrate Cadi and enjoy The Greatest Show on Grass. These are limited capacity events only available to the first investors that commit. More details to come, but start planning your trip to Scottsdale. Go Cadi!

If you've not invested yet, now is the time! You can still invest and join us for Cadi Week. Check out our perks and lookout for more info about each event.

We're excited to meet you there!

JOIN CADI in Scottsdale for VIP at PGA Event, Founder's Club party, and Golf! 20 day countdown.

4 months ago


We are only 23 days away from Cadi’s events at the most fun PGA tour event of the year, the Waste Management Open.

We have VIP access to the 17th hole at Waste Management for the entire week. I include an open bar and all meals. In addition, we are throwing an Exclusive party for Cadi investors on Friday, February 11th. We are also golfing on Saturday, February 12th. So come to Scottdale and CELEBRATE CADI! We want everyone there. Check out the perk information and invest in Cadi. 

If you have already invested,  be on the lookout for an email and text from Matt or me this week. 

We can’t wait to meet you.

Thanks again.

Tyler Gottstein

CEO and Co-Founder 

Why invest? Cadi's first principle thinking approach

4 months ago

I love being an entrepreneur and solving complex problems. The challenges in entrepreneurship that make ordinary people quit make me feel fulfilled. I demonstrated at a young age several attributes that have served me well in my life. The most relevant positive qualities are my fearless rebel approach to business and my relentless desire to question and understand everything in life. I genuinely care less about materialistic possessions and what people say about me. I am motivated by competition and a desire to learn every day. Combining these attributes has made me a first principle thinker.  

With Cadi, I recognized the digital transformation that was coming, and there was going to be the opportunity. At the time, I believed that modern-day e-commerce would overtake traditional retail channels with all my heart. Fast forward, we are currently witnessing many technologies invade retail and have been accepted by the masses. My curious mind has led me to be early in several technologies such as crypto, computing, autonomous Retail, and social commerce. Since 2016, we have been riding the wave of retail innovation. We could have never imagined how the pandemic has changed the landscape in Retail. With that said, we are still very early in this digital transformation.

When we started Cadi, we took the first principles approach. We analyzed the retail market, dove into current innovations, and broke down many contemporary challenges. We learned that there are lasting problems in logistics, payments, product curation, and overall purchase experiences. As technology development never stops, The future of Retail will be technologies present in CADI.

  1. We doubled down on payment innovation in the form of Try Before You Buy.
  2. We invested in autonomous Retail with Cadi Kiosk as the connection between real-world and mobile commerce.
  3. We leverage Big Data and Intelligence to give users a unique curated experience.
  4. We are developing cashback incentives to push Cadi members and social influencers to drive value to our platform.   

 Breaking down the current technology and understanding likely outcomes is where innovation happens. For example, Cadi can provide a more efficient, 10x better shopping experience for the consumer.

We have a deep vision of innovating; now, we focus on execution. And execution is the daily challenge we are facing in 2022. So invest with Cadi today and come along for the ride.

Go Cadi!

Tyler Gottstein

CEO & Co-Founder

Cadi is Fitting with Big Data. Here is how Cadi is doing it differently.

4 months ago

At Cadi, we strive to not only engage our community but include them. Over the last three months, we have been in a direct conversation with 300 of our most active investors. One of the questions we ask, On a scale of 1-10, how confident are you when purchasing golf products? The result is surprising. 95% had doubts. Regardless of skill level, no one can be completely confident they know what is best for them. Reading between the lines, this is a huge problem when buying golf equipment. That main reason, in reality, is until you game the product, you won't know how it performs. No experience, realistic simulator, or golf superstore can guarantee the result of the transaction. With the high price point of golf equipment, golfers deserve a better experience.

Cadi is taking a different approach. We believe in big data. Cadi's up-and-coming marketplace collects site usage data from all users. It then filters the data by similar golfers and delivers it back to the user in several quantifiable ways. Cadi uses proprietary intelligent algorithms to create FIT probabilities based on each user, ranks the product by popularity, and tracks trends among products. Cadi is democratizing data and sharing it with all users for FREE. The data is transparent and unaltered. This provides a one-of-a-kind shopping experience for every golfer. And here's the kicker. All products are offered with a Try Before You Buy experience derisking the transaction for the user. If you love it, keep it, and if you don't, return it. And yes, that data is tracked as well. It is that simple solution to an impossible challenge.

The beauty of this system is that it can be applied to any product, category, or industry. Users do not want to be told what to buy; they want to feel comfortable with their purchase decision. Cadi, the golfer's marketplace, does just that.

Go Cadi,

Tyler G.  

Golf is growing and so is Cadi! Kicking off Cadi's biggest year yet!

4 months ago

It’s an amazing time in golf, and Cadi is the future of this game. Cadi is riding alongside golf’s growth with big milestones coming for 2022. We shared a list of targets in our update over the weekend.

There is a trend happening in golf that was spotlighted during the pandemic and is only getting louder. GOLF IS BOOMING! The sport is hitting new highs and 2022 is potentially the biggest yet. Cadi is kicking it off at the 2022 Waste Management Phoenix Open from Feb. 7-13 in Scottsdale, Ariz.

The 2022 WM Phoenix Open will take place at TPC Scottsdale. “The People’s Open” has been named the Tournament of the Year by the PGA TOUR four times in the past seven years (2014, 2015, 2018, 2019) to acknowledge the tournament’s legendary status as one the most unique events in golf. This year marks the 87th playing of the event (one of the five oldest events on the PGA TOUR) and the 13th with Waste Management as title sponsor.

We believe you're owning a piece of history in this campaign. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to be part of an impactful company within a dominant, far-reaching industry. We’re excited for what’s to come this year and beyond.

There’s still time to invest and get access to CADI WEEK at the WM Phoenix Open in Scottsdale. 

  • 1-day pass to the “Cove” suite on 17. Check out the Cove here.
  • Free food, free drinks, and free golf!
  • You and your +1 will join Cadi at our private kickoff party on Feb. 11
  • A free round of golf in Scottsdale!

We can't wait to meet everyone in Scottsdale!

Cadi's Big Dreams, What we ARE accomplishing in the next 6 months! (10% bonus shares still available)

4 months ago

Cadi has big dreams for 2022. Last month, we hosted a webinar with close to 300 attendees and went over the Cadi roadmap and technology update. So as we enter the new year, here are several short-term accomplishments we are shooting for in the first half of 2022.

  1. Shake up the golf industry with the Launch of MVP marketplace. Challenge all the status quos in the Golf industry.
  2. Get instant validation by signing a well-known brand ambassador.  
  3. Shoot professional content to launch on new content channels.
  4. Add key new rockstar members to the team. Build a team that can scale the organization.
  5. Grow Cadi’s community to 10,000 before the launch of Cadi’s marketplace. 
  6. Complete and implement Cadi’s warehouse technology
  7. Play more golf (ideally while building powerful partnerships)

This is a good list and all obtainable in the next few months. Cadi’s dreams are big; although we do not want to turn the golf course pink, we ARE challenging all the typical behaviors in golf and driving the industry forward.

Cadi is still offering 10% bonus shares if you have not invested. We urge you to consider joining us in Scottsdale, AZ, at the Waste Management for CADI Week. It will be a fun week of PGA tour golf for the hospitality suite, golf, and parties.

Go Cadi,

Tyler Gottstein

CEO and CO-founder

The power of community in great consumer brands, Web 3.0, Cadi, and our campaign perks

5 months ago

Every day at Cadi we are solving challenging problems on our path to building the greatest community and golf retailer. We believe Cadi is positioned to build an extremely valuable and connected community. There are many examples of how community is a great force behind powerful brands, groups, and industries.

Community is how we connect with each other, how we build relationships, and how we create amazing experiences. Community powers change, creates overnight virality, and creates massive companies. Reddit and Yelp were some early companies that proved community-driven values can innovate industries. Twitter, Starbucks, Lululemon, Apple to name a few more. We now see this happening on a massive scale in the Web 3.0 world. The ConstitutionDAO and the Bored Ape Yacht Club are a couple examples in the crypto and NFT space.

Cadi’s belief in community has led us to offer bigger and better perks in this campaign. We want investors to know how important our investor community is to Cadi. Community is an important reason why we chose crowdfunding because we want everyone to have the chance to invest in Cadi. 

We are creating game-changing technology together. We are empowering our community to be a voice behind product features and crowdsourced decision-making. We are very focused on giving back to our community with unmatched services and amazing experiences. Join us on this journey because it’s going to be an amazing experience.

Come to CADI WEEK in Scottsdale, AZ from February 7-13!

5 months ago

Be one of the first 40 investors to invest $6,000 or more and get an ALL-ACCESS pass to Cadi’s FIRST COMMUNITY EVENT! A week of food, drinks, golf, and networking. This is a celebration of golf & community, and spots are filling up!

It’s all happening during the 2022 Waste Management Phoenix Open. Get a front row seat to “The Greatest Show on Grass”!

Invest $6,000+ in this round and get all this included:

  • 1-day pass to watch LIVE tour action from the “Cove” VIP suite. Check out the Cove here.
  • Free food, free drinks, and free golf!
  • You and your +1 will join Cadi at our private kickoff party on Feb. 11
  • A free round of golf in Scottsdale!

PLUS an amazing time to grow your network with other professionals, golfers, investors, and entrepreneurs! A great opportunity to connect and build relationships. 

We are now reaching out to all $6k investors in this round to book your spot at Cadi Week! Be on the lookout for an email from us! 

We’re excited to see you all there! Go Cadi!

Cadi passes $200,000 raised!

5 months ago

We've passed $200,000 raised in this round! We share often how important community is to Cadi. Our community and investor network is strong. This is our first important milestone because it was achieved quickly from past investors reinvesting early in this round. It is a reminder of the support and belief in Cadi. Our vision is clear and this milestone is a reminder that our community recognizes Cadi's value to the golf industry. On to the next! Go Cadi!!

Cadi, The Next Digital Marketplace Giant? Why Not!!

5 months ago

The most valuable company in the world is a retailer. Amazon turned heads when they started investing in logistics. Their vision to own their warehousing and delivery systems have given them an unbeatable advantage over competitors. They have a propensity to turn challenging parts of their business into strengths. At the same time, Amazon had critics who could not see their logistic strategy's value—challenging their decision to invest in logistics. Today, they are unstoppable with 1-day delivery and game-changing autonomous retail.

Why are more companies not trying to create the next Amazon model? 

We believe there are two reasons—#1. The growth of Shopify has made it easy to plug in and begin making revenues. While there are positives to ease of development, the growth of Shopify has also diluted eCommerce and weakened retail technology development. #2 Developing retail technology is difficult and often goes against the grain. It takes real innovation to differentiate yourself. The examples that inspired Cadi are Stock X, Carvana, and Phillip's watches which all solve real challenges in retail. They are just not retailers. StockX and Phillips are authentication innovators, and Carvana is car logistic geniuses. It took multiple angles of attacks to differentiate themselves and build huge businesses.  

When we think about transforming the retail experience in golf, logistics and warehousing are one of the biggest challenges. A retailer must have the backend logistics capabilities to offer the necessary experiences such as Try Before you Buy. Cadi has built smart warehouses based on the same technology as Cadi kiosk that will track single SKUs across multiple warehouses and kiosks. Offering TBYB products means a lot of lightly used products. With Cadi's system, products can be tracked on an individual SKU level. Then, the products can be pushed to any kiosk, warehouse, or website. In addition, Cadi can open its warehousing process to third-party sellers similar to what you see at Amazon.

We will share more content revolving around Cadi's innovation as we get closer to our marketplace launch. As a reminder, you have until 1/2/21 to invest and receive 25% bonus shares. Thank you for the support. 

Go Cadi! 

Tyler Gottstein

Why is Cadi Raising again? The First $250,000 will go to.......

5 months ago

The proceeds of Cadi’s first round were dedicated to getting the technology stack developed and building the Cadi team. The deployment has been successful, and Cadi will get a product to market. With this new round, where will the first $250,000 be deployed?

The first $250,000 in this round will be extremely important to the success of Cadi. This capital is dedicated to releasing the Cadi marketplace and developing bigger and bolder content to tell the Cadi story. In addition, Cadi needs to hire in-house talent to build new marketing, warehousing, and community engagement teams.

The first money will go to brand building. Cadi will consider introducing a validating influencer for the campaign and the marketplace launch. We have deals on the table with PGA pros and social influencers. In addition, we will be producing short-form video content for social media, TV commercial, and digital advertisements. The goal is to tell the Cadi story clear, build hype, and create additional excitement for the launch. This is exciting and a key component to building our community. 

At the same time, Cadi will be preparing for the release of the Cadi marketplace. We will need to add experienced key players to the team. This can free Cadi’s leadership to make deals and drive the business forward. In 2021, Hiring was difficult. It was more challenging because we had uncertainty about what full-time roles would be needed in six months. With additional capital, we will confidently add talented pieces to the team. The marketplace release provides clarity on needed roles and required expertise.

Finally, The capital will help extend Cadi’s runway if anything out of our control happens. For example, it is common for projects to require additional money and time.

This round is essential. The first $250,000 will be deployed right away and will begin returning on our investment quickly.  

Invest today!

Tyler Gottstein

CEO & Founder 

PERK: Be our guest in Cadi’s suite at the 2022 Waste Management open in Scottsdale, AZ

5 months ago

Matt and I are excited to announce our first Cadi Celebration week. Cadi is the marketplace for golfers. We want to ingrain ourselves into this community. We want to meet you in person while bringing like-minded people together for golf and entertainment.

Invest $6000, and you are invited to join us in Scottsdale in February 2022. Cadi has committed to a hospitality suite on the 17th hole for 40 of you.

Here is the deal for all $6000 investors.

  • All attendees have one day at the Waste Management in the hospitality suite, which comes with an open bar and open food menu.
  • Everyone and their +1s are welcome to the Cadi launch party on Friday night on 2/11/21.
  • PLUS, we are coordinating a round of golf at a local Scottsdale course. Everyone is welcome.

We want you to be involved. We feel this is important to the Cadi brand and the type of relationship we want to have with our investors.

If you invest before 1/1/21, you will also receive 25% bonus shares. It is a great deal. However, this is only available to the first 40 people, and the day you attend is first come, first serve.

Join Cadi in our suite at the 2022 Waste Management open in Scottsdale, AZ

Thank you! 

Tyler Gottstein

Cadi is Back! Offering 25% bonus shares exclusively for investors & followers. The NEW PAGE this time.

5 months ago

Cadi is Back! We are excited to announce the launch of the Cadi campaign 2.0. Cadi has made incredible progress over the last year and anticipating a marketplace release in mid-2022. Community is so important to us, and we are focused on building the most robust community in golf and retail.

We are doing this campaign bigger and bolder. We are planning a great campaign that coincides with the release of our game-changing marketplace and web application. Over the next several months, we will give a deeper look inside Cadi and the technology we are building. In addition, we are investing in content to tell our story and deliver the powerful brand that we all envision.  

We need you. Please consider investing today and claim your 25% bonus shares exclusively for the Cadi community. Our investment perks are bigger and better this campaign. Click here to take a look: Cadi's campaign page. We hope to see you in person at one of our events in 2022.

We wanted to make you land on our new campaign page. Thank you! 

Go Cadi!

Tyler Gottstein

Founder and CEO

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