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Companies can raise up to $50M annually
Investor limits are per deal, not an annual aggregate*
Investors can sell their shares at any point after the offering is closed**
  • *Only invest an amount that you can afford to risk or lose and will not impact your lifestyle.
  • **There may be a limited or no trading market which will impact your ability to sell shares.

StartEngine Champion Program

Over 90% of the companies listed on StartEngine have come through referrals. We are proud to say that not only will we continue to rely on our community to find great companies, but we will now reward you for your hard work. It is simple, all you need to do is refer a company and if their campaign goes live, you have earned $2,500. Our unique referral program allows anyone to earn $2,500 every time we list a referred company. StartEngine’s mission is to help entrepreneurs achieve their dreams and we would like you to invite the businesses within your community to hold a crowdfunding campaign on StartEngine and help them grow their businesses with the capital they need.

Qualifying companies must...

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