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You can join over 35,000 investors in StartEngine – a startup with half a billion invested* on our platform.

Reg. A+ offering made available through StartEngine Crowdfunding, Inc. No broker-dealer or intermediary involved in offering except for Florida, where Dalmore Group LLC is participating as broker-dealer of record. StartEngine is not currently accepting investments from WA, NJ, and TX. Offering Circular | Selected Risks | StartEngine’s SEC EDGAR Page



More than 760,000 prospective investors are part of our community.



Over half a billion dollars have been invested on StartEngine to date.


Offerings Funded

More than 500 offerings have been successfully funded on StartEngine.

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* This row consists of offerings that were previously excluded from standard communications due to a platform error.

It's Your Turn to Be the Shark

Discover over a hundred different investment opportunities and invest in the ideas and people you believe in. 

Build a Portfolio of Alternative Investments

Diversify your portfolio with startup investments and eventually other types of alternative assets, including real estate and more.

Trade With Other Investors

Not only are we simplifying startup investing, but we are also working to bring liquidity to you and let you trade your shares with other investors on StartEngine Secondary.

All early stage investments posted on StartEngine entail risk; please read the educational materials found here to understand these risks.

Success Stories


Knightscope designs, engineers, builds, deploys and supports award-winning crime-fighting fully autonomous security robots and offers them on a Machine-as-a-Service (MaaS) business model in the U.S.




Min. Investment

Success Stories


Farm.One grows rare produce in New York City Urban verticle farms using hydroponics and LED lighting. They sell an enormous range of rare herbs, edible flowers and microgreens to NYC’s best chefs. All grown locally, without pesticides, just minutes away.





RED Mountain Resort

RED Mountain is an Endangered Species within the ski resort world. They have the snowfall, vertical drop, world-class terrain and 4-season fun to go boot-to-boot with the Big Guys, but have consciously maintained their mom ’n’pop/weird uncle feel for over 100 years.





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Dawn Dickson
Founder of PopCom, a StartEngine Alumni

“I like the ease of use of StartEngine…it’s like going to Amazon and buying something, but you’re investing in a company.”

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an investor and StartEngine shareholder

”I have invested in 27 startup companies through StartEngine, and in the StartEngine platform itself... I understand the risks involved, but have great confidence in the companies, and the way StartEngine operates. An absolute pleasant experience all around!"

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Ray Phillips
CEO of SoapSox

"It’s a mutually beneficial relationship where you can engage with people who like your product, get your product, and want to see you go to the next level, and they also get to benefit from that ride."

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an investor and StartEngine shareholder

”It’s incredibly exciting and rewarding to invest in companies that I believe in and feel like I know the individuals involved rather than just a "ticker" symbol on the stock market. StartEngine has made the process SO SIMPLE...thank you for creating this opportunity for everyday people like me!"

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an investor and StartEngine shareholder

"A friend recommended StartEngine to me, and I like the idea of investing in small businesses that are the backbone of our US economy."

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